About the Company


You can feel confident about investing with Diversified Real Estate Property, LLCs, for our principals possess impressive backgrounds in real estate and IRAs.

We have the knowledge and experience to direct your hard-earned money to greater ROI by investing in apartment complexes.

Diversified Real Estate Property provides you with options that may help you increase your portfolio’s profitability.

Instead of the usual stock market investments, which vary wildly, or low-yielding CDs, we offer options using a self-directed IRA to increase the money that goes into your retirement fund.

About Rancliffe Conyers, Managing Member of Diversified Real Estate Property, LLC

Mr. Conyers boasts a rich and varied background, which makes him especially suited to helping our clients invest profitably in multifamily communities. His extensive real estate experience including:

A mortgage loan officer, originating and processing mortgages for single-family and multifamily loans.

A qualified kitchen and bath designer more than 10 years.

Director of marketing for a building materials wholesale distributor with 7 offices locations on the East Coast.

A decade in the home remodeling industry.

Extensive background in real estate, project management, and self-directed IRAs.

A certificate in project management from Boston University Corporate Education Center.

Training in multifamily real estate investing and tax strategy.

A long-term consulting agreement with an organization whose founder has purchased more than 7,300 rental units.

Diversified Real Estate Property can partner with Equity Trust to help you set up a self-directed IRA for your real estate investments if you do not already have one. Equity Trust, a regulated financial institution, is made up of a staff of experienced professionals who help clients with self-directed IRA investing. 

To find out how Diversified Real Estate Property LLC can help you profit from the new boom in multifamily community rental properties with a self-directed IRA, click here now.

If you would like to join our roster of successful investors and discover a safer way to receive a powerful passive income stream, paying you regularly, go to this link and fill out the accredited investor qualification form today.